World’s Tallest Roller Coaster: Kingda Ka


Kingda Ka is currently the world’s tallest roller coaster. It’s also the world’s second fastest roller coaster as well. Kingda Ka is one of the rides at Six Flags Great Adventure, located in Jackson, New Jersey. The ride was opened in 2005. At that time it was both the world’s tallest roller AND the world’s fastest roller coaster as well. World’s fastest roller record now goes to a roller coaster called Formula Rossa which is located at the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. So in essence, it still holds the title for tallest and fastest in North America, just not the world anymore. For now, we’re just looking at the tallest in the world. The fastest in the world will come in a future post. Stay tuned!

As far as the Kingda Ka ride experience goes, your initial launch into the ride shoots you out at a whopping 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds by use of a special hydraulic launch system. The train then climbs up the top hat tower, rolls to the right 90 degrees, reaching a total height of 456 feet or about 45 stories high.

Then you begin your decent straight down into a 270 degree spiral to the right. You’ll then climb the second hill before being brought to a smooth stop by the magnetic brakes, giving you short moment of weightlessness. The ride spans a track that’s 3,118 feet long making for a short but powerful ride experience that last around 28 second from the moment of launch.

Check out the video above to get a taste of the rush that is Kingda Ka. Time to take a trip to the East Coast?

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